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Whether you are a business in need of advice or a landlord exploring the potential of a new/existing property, Nammu Workplace can help with your space planning. This is an important process as it provides an in-depth analysis of how physical space is used in the workplace while considering the purpose of who will use them.

Our belief is that workplace design should facilitate an effortless experience for those who use the space, in turn increasing their productivity and creativity.

Able to work on a multitude of projects from small offices up to large scale properties, our team of professionals ensure an efficient but in depth space planning service that is split into the following stages.

The brief

Every client is as different as the space they choose. During this stage, we therefore take the time to understand more about your business and its requirements. Our clients usually have multiple needs, so prioritising which come first is crucial on how the space is designed. At this point, we can put together a brief based on our joint understanding of the vision and inclusions for how the space can work in line with workplace satisfaction.

The viewing

From the brief, we will then attend site. A site visit helps us to get to know the space in its totality and creatively explore every aspect. From work flow and circulation to configuration and lighting, we pay attention to all of the elements. If measured plans have not been provided to us at this stage, the team can undertake this process so that we can import the dimensions into our 3d model.

Indicative Layouts

From our site visit we can progress to the indicative space planning and desk layouts. This will consist of proposed floor plans illustrating furniture layouts and any structural changes that may be required. A very collaborative stage in the process, we invite our clients to give as much feedback as possible to ensure we are working in the right direction. Presented in a 2d and 3d model, these layouts will begin to turn your vision into a reality.


The quality and practicality of the environment in which your business has to function, will directly influence the wellbeing of those who use it. Space planning is therefore essential in creating an effective workplace environment. Well designed layouts and amenities will have a positive influence on those who spend their time there, increasing productivity and creativity.