February 14, 2019

Yo Sarnie Revival Review

3pm at Yo Sarnie, 26a Upper High St, Epsom KT17 4QJ

Revival Hour

Located on the Upper High Street of Epsom, a modern shop front stands out amongst older, more traditional neighbours. Its outdoor seating and tall glass panels showcasing the words ‘WHEN HUNGRY YO SARNIE’ suggest that this is not your average sandwich store.

Through the large doors, natural light shines in onto an array of potted plants, bright walls and a country chic mix of furniture. Wooden and leather seating give an earthy tone, running from the grey oak flooring to the sizeable standing fridge. Greenery feeds in-between the brightly coloured fruit and drink on show, directing your gaze to the counter. A black board above gives you the basics on what Yo Sarnie offers – sarnies, salads and sides. If you need more guidance, a row of polaroid’s are pinned to the blackboard showcasing the selection of sarnies available. If these weren’t enough, large framed photos of sandwiches on another wall give you that extra nudge to order some food.

Literally staring you in the face, it’s hard to resist while sipping on my work day fuel and conference calling. That being said, the coffee is as delicious as the sarnies look.

At this time, Yo Sarnie customers seem to be made up of those taking advantage of a mid-afternoon break and grabbing a takeaway. Nonetheless, there’s a wide range of seating for customers to savour their experience and perch with a laptop. From stools and counters, to sharing tables and smaller hotspots, this shop has been designed to give an organic community feel.

To keep the atmosphere upbeat, the music doesn't cater to your typical coffee or sandwich shop crowd. The jazz house being played is smooth enough to concentrate but jivey enough to keep you productive. Sockets around the shop give easy access for charging your laptop if you stay longer than expected and with free WIFI as well as a guest bathroom on site, this sandwich shop caters to all of the Revival needs.

With the right conditions to stimulate your creativity and productivity, Yo Sarnie is a great place to escape from the office. I would advise Revival workers to take the 5 minute walk up the high street with their laptop to enjoy the work day fuel of choice ... and of course a sarnie (I couldn't help myself)!