January 7, 2019

Urban Meadow Revival Review

11am at Urban Meadow Café & Bar 150 Bayswater Road, London, W2 4RT

The Revival

With an imposing and bright front terrace, Urban Meadow have made it hard for you to miss their Café & Bar on Bayswater Road. In case you do however, then the multi-coloured LED light shining the word ‘CAFÉ’ would be sure to grab your attention.

Walking through the pedestrian gates, Urban Meadow have created an experience whereby the busy main road is drowned out with outdoor music, garden seating and plenty of greenery. If only it were Summer!

Nevertheless, walking inside of the café does not disappoint. Decorative metal, leaf like fittings hang from the ceiling alongside upside down planting and pendant lights.

The pink, green and brown colour theme is fitting for the name of the café. It provides a relaxing environment, easy to enjoy your workday fuel here with limited distractions. Although I can’t help but admire the long counter bar with a mix of pastries and cakes on offer, sitting in front of a range of cocktail bottles.

With a generous amount of tables and many hosting sockets underneath, there is no shortage of choice in where you would like to perch with your laptop. Surrounding tables are made up of other revival workers, brunching colleagues or what looks to be work meetings.

While there are no children present, there is a kids and afternoon tea menu available; making it appealing for families. Pet owners are also encouraged to bring in well-behaved doggies, serving treats where the proceeds go towards the Dogs Trust charity.

Revival hour is made easy by the complimentary WIFI from The Double Tree Hilton Hotel, as this is their onsite café and bar. The bathrooms are conveniently located by the Hotel reception, and as you would expect, are beautiful and clean. The staff are very friendly and accommodating - even for those who have only come in for a quick coffee.

Overall, Urban Meadow is the perfect spot away from the bustle of Bayswater Road. It is a revival hour favourite, located a one-minute walk away from Nammu’s building on Palace Court. Urban Meadow provides a tranquil yet upmarket escape, not only for revival hour but to meet with colleagues or enjoy a well deserved cocktail and dinner after work!