November 20, 2018

The Revival

Offices have become more important than ever, and just as important as our work. While Nammu is proud to accommodate and manage these workplaces, we also understand that every person needs The Revival.

What is The Revival?

The Revival is what Nammu refers to as the time away from your desk, immersing yourself into a different work environment.

The Revival culture

Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are every country’s greatest asset. The ability to invent, design and manufacture is what underpins the UK’s economic success. Companies have risen to this challenge and many succeeded.

While Nammu’s workplaces provide the platform to support such business opportunities, we understand that these phenomenon’s stem from people. People in your company will ultimately determine the success or failure of your business.

Many leaders acknowledge this, but few take the steps to changing workplace culture.

The Revival is this step. It’s recognising that while offices are integral to business, people should take time away from their desk to work in a different environment and revive their minds.

The Revival story

One winter day I received a call from our co-founder asking me to meet in a pub. I laughed and asked why I would drive down to the end of Oxshott, Surrey for a meeting in a pub. Only on getting there did I understand why.

The fireplace roaring, the furniture inviting, the decoration beautiful and the atmosphere warm.

Not only did it feel great to be in a change of work environment, but we had a productive and creative business meeting. I walked away with the urge to pass my new found enthusiasm onto others.

How will we help you with The Revival?  

I realised that if I laughed off a pub meeting, which formed the idea behind The Revival, then millions of other people could do the same.

The Revival is a blog which will bring to you networking events, advice, feedback and reviews of local stop-offs. It will help you to explore your area while you work and empower your businesses’ greatest asset – its people – you.