March 20, 2019

The Business Leaders of Epsom

The Business Leaders of Epsom Breakfast Meeting at Epsom Square

It’s been the towns worst kept secret that Epsom Square has some very exciting plans ahead. Rebranding, refurbing and regenerating has all been apart of the centre’s step by step process to become the hub of Epsom alongside the Borough’s own initiatives.

In a bid to help facilitate the upcoming developments, the centre is rallying together with the Business Leaders of Epsom to transform the town.

Nammu had the pleasure of attending The Business Leaders of Epsom Breakfast Meeting to understand what the future looks like for our Borough.

The Future High Street Fund

It seems that the hot topic of conversation in every town lately is that of our changing high streets. Therefore, it felt appropriate that the meeting started with a talk from Simon Matthews, Economic Development Consultant to Epsom & Ewell council. Simon confirmed that Epsom will be submitting an expression of interest for the Future High Street Fund. This fund is committed to helping local high streets evolve and adapt to the current business climate. Epsom will be putting forward a proposal which sets out the overall vision we are looking to achieve and the improvements needed to ensure that our town centre remains fit for the future.  

The Grow Your Business Show

This was followed by Event Director, Francesca Robins, speaking on behalf of the Grow Your Business Show. Taking place on 12th September 2019, the show will be Epsom Racecourse’s first business exhibition for all industries to showcase their products and trade. It is the perfect opportunity for local companies to build relationships, gain new knowledge and keep up to date with the surrounding business environment.

As an exhibitor, you will also receive complimentary tickets to an afternoon at the races, and for attendees, it is free entry! With Epsom Racecourse hoping to make this an annual event, we advise all businesses and families with a local focus to attend.  


Surrey Chambers of Commerce Business Magazine

Next, Louise Punter from Surrey Chambers of Commerce introduced their Business Magazine that writes up on a range of topical issues. Distributed to businesses throughout the country, they will be including an extensive profile of Epsom & Ewell in June, to coincide with the Derby Festival. This is another great opportunity to promote the Borough as well as our renowned events that draw in people from far and wide.


Go Epsom

Andy Willmott continued the meeting with the Business Improvement District’s (BID) vision - to strengthen the town’s appeal for both locals and visitors. The aim is to make Epsom a more vibrant and prosperous town, illustrated by the BID's new brand identity.

‘Go Epsom’ has been designed to reflect the creative and growing community of the town. With this all-encompassing logo, the Group actively lead on new initiatives from smaller events like the High Street Pancake Race and the Oyster Card Launch to the Safety schemes being implemented.

Go Epsom have been working tirelessly to bring positive improvements into the town, with emphasis on achieving the Purple Flag status. This standard launched in 2012 as an accreditation scheme. It recognises towns and city centres as safe, welcoming places for residents and visitors alike. Go Epsom not only aim to meet these standards but surpass them as part of the long term vision.


The Paper Straw Group

Amid town centre improvements, Epsom & Ewell are driving forward its commitment to being environmentally friendly. The business meeting was joined by the Paper Straw Group, who gave an inspirational update on the Surrey Straw Switch Campaign. While most of us can see a transition from plastic to paper straws, the Paper Straw Group are a UK based company focused on eradicating plastic straws across the county.

The Surrey Straw Switch will take place in Epsom & Ewell on Thursday 9th May where they will be offering out free starter packs. This will not only help to clean up our oceans but our high street and Market Place.


The Market Place

Also dedicated to cleaning up our Market Place, Chief Operating Officer Damian Roberts spoke of the construction works taking place in Epsom. He pointed out that it has been more than 20 years since the last major refurbishment in an area which is integral to the exchange of goods, services and ideas on a daily basis. Funding for the works is being received from a number of external sources including the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership and the National Productivity Investment Fund.

While disruptive in the short term, the construction is being carried out in phases to ensure that all businesses can remain open. It will be part of a sustained effort to improve the quality and character of the Market Place, reinforcing Epsom as a destination town. Due to be completed in the earlier part of 2020, this transformation is such an exciting prospect for Epsom and aligns with the Future40’s long term vision.

The Future40

To ensure the success of the borough, the Future40 is an ambitious new project which welcomes residents, visitors and businesses to share their views about Epsom & Ewell. There are a number of ways to make your voice heard so we can continue to be proud of our past while preparing for our future.


Epsom Square

Overall, while the business meeting was informative, it was in fact more inspirational. Understanding the short and long term plans for the Borough gives no doubt that we can become one of the best destination towns in Surrey. Alongside the infamous Race Course and Epsom Salts, our businesses, amenities and community are helping to make this happen.

Epsom Square intends to be at the forefront of this movement. We will continue to bring new, energetic businesses into the centre that locals and visitors can benefit from. In the last year we have welcomed a diverse range of companies from a dance academy to a theatre studio, office businesses and a coffee shop.

For the future? Epsom Square will be opening two new floors of the centre, while also in planning to provide a gym and cinema complex. Perfectly situated in the heart of the high street, Epsom Square is and will continue to be a place for everyone.