March 1, 2019

The Bear Revival Review

12pm at The Bear, Oxshott, KT22 0JE

Revival Hour

Aside from the usual independent coffee shops to take your laptop, there are a number of the "not so usual" places ideal for Revival Hour.

Just down Oxshott High Street in Surrey, elevated on a hill, with a large frontage stands The Bear.

Entering from the front of the pub, it feels warm and cosy - exactly what you would expect. Traditional plump seating, a roaring fire and a large wrap around bar greets you at the entrance. Different shades of brown and green run from the walls and flooring, past the exposed brick, up to the furniture and bar. Modern pendant lighting drops down above the counter, in front of wine and champagne bottles in classical cabinets. Towards the back area, the high ceilings are draped in fairy lights over the wooden beams and restaurant tables.

There’s plenty of seating available at this time from booths, to hotspots, large tall tables, sofas and armchairs. The revival stop off is quiet, with customers made up of locals of leisure coming in for an early bite or lunch. While there aren’t any other revival workers, that is not to say this isn’t the ideal spot. With free WIFI, a quiet environment, smooth background music, guest bathrooms and my delicious work day fuel, The Bear caters to all revival needs.

A bit too cold to brave the outside today, this pub has a beautiful rear garden and sizeable glass doors onto a front terrace with lighting, heaters as well as blankets. I would be sure to return here with my laptop to enjoy my work day fuel in the sun.

While a pub is not the most conventional of places to take your laptop, this can actually work in our Revivalists favour. Immersing yourself into varied environments helps to stimulate creativity and productivity. As locations go, The Bear is a beautiful place to settle in and relax while undertaking your work.