April 15, 2019

The Bear Cobham Revival Review

1.30pm at The Bear, Riverhill, Cobham, KT11 3DX

Revival Review

After coming out of hibernation in March 2019, locals were quick to visit the newly refurbished pub which has been serving its customers since the 1700's.

The Bear is set in the heart of Cobham on the Riverhill. It demands attention on the corner of the high street as a large and traditional Grade II listed building.

Upon walking in, the pub feels warm and cosy - exactly as it should. All attention goes to our Nammu mascot, Dudley, our little Westie. Dogs are not only welcomed here but pampered with readily available free treats, water and plenty of strokes.

Dark brown tones run from the flooring, to the furniture and bar counter, up to the wooden beams. It complements the dark aqua coloured walls and the ornate fireplace where a country floral arrangement hangs over the exposed brickwork. Past the stools at the bar and smaller hot spots, there is even more space into another section of the pub. With plenty of choice, we relax in a corner booth surrounded by sofas, armchairs and larger dining tables. No table looks or feels the same here, with a seamless blend of colours and furniture. It's quaint and quiet as natural light shines in from the rear garden.

Ready for the sunny weather, The Bear offers the option of the front or back garden for an alfresco experience. The back garden is a bright and spacious sun trap. It provides for a lot of tables, next to developing blossom trees and large umbrellas is you're a shade seeker. Similarly, the front garden draws in the sunlight while offering an idyllic view of the River Mole and its landscape.

As expected around lunch time, the pub is mostly occupied with families dining or couples of leisure having an early afternoon refreshment. While there aren't any other revival workers at this time, The Bear advertises itself as a pub which can cater to businesses. Their private dining room is set up to host board meetings, business lunches and networking events. Beautiful chandeliers hang down from the high ceiling, over the extensive function table in a traditional setting.

The Bear has always been steeped in history and immersed in the community with the latest refurbishment embracing no different. The team have carried on these traditions by becoming a member of the Cobham Chambers of Commerce and teaming up with other local businesses. Moonflower adorns the pub's tables while Stoneleigh Family Butchers provide their home grown produce. For the more modern, their social media is personal and intimate as it introduces the staff as well as their roles.

For those Revival workers seeking a more comfortable and slower paced escape from the office, The Bear can offer just that. It's free WIFI and private parking make it even more convenient, whilst being surrounded by local high street amenities.

Overall, The Bear have managed to fulfil their aim of recreating that 'home away from home'. The friendly faces, hearty meals and country decor have not only gained the support of its customers but the community too.