January 30, 2019

Munch & Wiggles Revival Review

10.40 at Munch & Wiggles, 3 High St, Oxshott, KT22 0JN

The Revival

With a low density population, Oxshott is known as one of the sleepier villages of Surrey with plenty of greenery and land. At the same time, it has also been dubbed the ‘Beverley Hills of Britain’ drawing in a wealth of celebrities, sports professionals and businessmen from around the country.

Its high street has a compact selection of shops and amenities but a newly set up venture seems to be giving Oxshott the social boost it needs. Describing themselves as a coffee and bread house, Munch & Wiggles have become the new name on the block since opening in 2018.

Opposite the large Victoria Pub, the shop boasts a modest green frontage with cursive style signage and misty windows. Inside, shades of green and brown complement each other, alongside copper fittings and unique features. This theme runs into the counter of pastries and snacks, to the back wall where shelving displays freshly made bread next to a roaring fire screen. On the other side, a large statement clock and live television adds to the warm atmosphere. With this, Munch & Wiggles have managed to give their customers the comfort of a home among English Tearoom décor.

Sockets for your laptop are plentiful and there are a good amount of tables to choose from, although most are occupied. This accounts for the misty windows and is a testimony to Munch & Wiggles for attracting local residents and business people with their concept.

For customer ease, the WIFI code is written onto the mirrored coffee machine and when making use of the bathrooms, there is a pleasant surprise towards the back of the shop. An outside garden with seating, heaters and marquees are a great addition to this coffee and bread house, for both customers as well as their dogs.

As a new addition to our Revival list of stop offs, Munch & Wiggles have exceeded expectations. It's down to earth feel and welcoming staff make it the perfect spot to enjoy your work day fuel from their diverse coffee and breakfast menu. Whether it be for emails, business calls or just to stimulate some creativity, I'd advise our tenants to head over to Oxshott for their Revival Hour.