December 27, 2018

G!ro Cycles Revival Review

10.25am at G!ro Cycles, 2 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9RT

The Revival

As an outlying suburb of London, Esher is most renowned for Sandown Race Course since it’s opening in 1875. To this day it entertains locals and visitors, not only through horse racing but with events, concerts, a go kart track and so much more.

Just next door however sits a modest shop frontage, with a quirkily designed name and 3 defining words: ‘COFFEE, CYCLE, CULTURE’. At first glance, Giro looks like a small cycling shop, with misted glass windows perched at the end of the high street. Yet, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

The constant flow of bicycles outside would mistake you into thinking this was just a riders hang out. While Giro is a hub of cycling life and culture for the local community, as the high street signage shows, it is also a coffee shop.

Walking inside, it becomes clear that the windows are misty from the influx of people enjoying their work day fuel. Fairy lights hang down from the ceiling amongst pendant fittings and exposed brick walls. Wood runs throughout the theme, into the counter of delectables and past the piping that supports wine bottles from different regions.

Giro is quieter than most cafes, where the sound of coffee being ground and the machine working it’s magic act as background noise amongst slow, jivey Christmas tunes. Tables are occupied with riders needing to recharge and unwind, but most noticeably other revival revellers with their laptop. Taking advantage of the great coffee, free guest WIFI and relaxing environment, it’s the perfect spot to revive your mind.

I would advise that you take the extra 15-second walk, past the high street chains, to be greeted by Giro's chalk board sign with a feel good quote of the day. While Costa Coffee stands tall just opposite the road, Giro brings together a community of like-minded people to enjoy more than just coffee. For this, only an independent local business would suffice.