November 27, 2018

Epsom Organico Revival Review

12.30pm at Epsom Organico, Kings Shade Walk, High St, Epsom KT19 8EB

The Revival

Located opposite the historical Clock Tower in the marketplace stands a quirky wooden sign titled Organico.

If you haven’t heard of this Health & Coffee shop in Epsom, you’ll be more than intrigued to go inside just by the external design.

From the outside looking in, it seems unusual and small. Though, as you step inside, the unusual turns to appeal and the small into character. The deli bar and open fridge stand out as bright and charming with its food selection; the shelves stacked with products for sale that your eyes can’t help but browse. From fruit and veg, to household products, Epsom Organico have whatever you need to kick-start your health movement.

As opposed to only ordering my work fuel, I couldn’t help but request the salad mix from the deli. In a shop with few tables, it also seemed right to take advantage with a meal.

For a health revival, you cannot go wrong with Organico. The deli on offer and products for sale are the essence of the name, catering extremely well to its target audience as well as ‘on the go’ revellers.


For those looking to perch with a laptop however, no sockets or guest WIFI make it difficult for The Revival. If you are also enjoying some food and drink, there are no bathrooms in the vicinity for guest use unless you head into The Ashley Centre next door.


Nonetheless, Epsom Organico have quite rightly built a good reputation for itself in the town. The continous flow of people to the counter reinforce this and show that amongst high street chains, a local independent shop can flourish. I would be sure to return on the weekend for a catch up with friends or during the week for a grab and go lunch.