December 14, 2018

Bronte's Cafe Revival Review

10.30am at Bronte's Cafe, 28 Hollyhedge Rd, Cobham KT11 3DG

The Revival

Amongst the high street chains of Starbucks and Costa, you might think that independent businesses in small villages don’t stand a chance. In Cobham however, they thrive.

A hidden gem, located just off the high street, Bronte’s Café is a Revival favourite. Recently refurbished, they’ve got it right with the art, furniture and personal touches.

The art is bright and bubbly – quite literally – with Charlotte Olsson being the lady behind the champagne canvas paintbrush. The rustic but contemporary furniture invites you to take a seat with your laptop. You can enjoy your workday fuel at different sized and shaped tables but the characteristic touches and décor win it for me. The recessed ceiling and pendant lighting above the counter offers a warm ambience alongside candlelit table tops. The hints of green and gold around the cafe add to a subtle opulence, meanwhile, the wicker baskets, wood furniture and vinyl flooring maintain a down to earth feel.

The music is different to your usual coffee shop playlist (in a good way) and not too loud to distract you from work. The noise levels actually come from the ladies who brunch – with many seeming to know each other. In this local stop off you can start having a conversation with your neighbour and they wouldn’t look at you like you’ve just overstepped the boundaries of social convention.

Overall, for any local or visiting workers, I would advise that you take that 20 second walk off the high street to spend an hour reviving your mind at the artisan coffee and natural food hang out. It’s your cosy but sparkly, down to earth, get your emails done type of café.

With free guest WIFI and a community vibe, it will be hard to stay away!

*photo credit Bronte's Cafe and @misconvention